Poetry and Music

City on Fire


A shot from En-Fuse’s exciting multimedia show, CITY ON FIRE, at the Dugdale Theatre, Enfield Town, featuring poets Hannah LoweAlan Murray, Richard Price and Cheryl Moskowitz.  An intimate and complex portrait of city life to the backdrop of five mesmerising films by George Gavin which travel through London by day and night, and an exciting specially composed electronic score performed live by Alastair Gavin. Here are a few reviews of the show:

“I thought this was a great show … Held the attention throughout” – Simon Bowden (Ver Poets).

“It was…fabulous. We enjoyed it immensely. I loved the collaboration, the intimacy, the natural voices, the engaging rhythms” – Nancy Mattson.

“Compelling and engaging…It is fair to say there is rarely a dull moment. A well-staged, well-performed, highly original piece of work”  – Mike Bartholomew-Biggs You can read the full rave review here: