Poetry, Pessimism and the U.S Elections

Just before the last election here in the U.K, I wrote the following little squib which seems even more relevant now just days before the great (apocalyptic?) Trump/Clinton standoff. I didn’t include it in my collection, but it features in my Little Book of Pessimism:

Nothing will change, it’s all a lie.
Just cross your box and hope to die.

4 thoughts on “Poetry, Pessimism and the U.S Elections

  1. Simon Bowden

    Democracy is the least bad form of government – somebody once said. But it has some frightening outcomes…


    • I think you have in mind Churchill who said “democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time”. I think I included that in my Little Book of Pessimism. If I didn’t, that was quite an oversight.


    • Hi Nicola. Glad you liked my little squib. Very happy for you to quote it, provided that you cite the source, which is my ‘Little Book of Pessimism’. Where are you quoting it, by the way? No obligation to tell me. I’m just curious to know. Thanks for taking the trouble to ask. Many wouldn’t. Best wishes, Alan.


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